the broken tablet break

So it looks like all the drawings I had queued up to post one a day have finally all been posted by if this then that. that is how time works. It slowly posts all your drawings in your “everything” dropbox folder until you have no more drawing left to post on your tumblr blog. 

Everything folder is like your life experiences. tumblr blog is like your physical body. if this then that is like time. and time is also like time.

and now we are out of drawings.  also my tablet is fucked up. it doesnt seem to turn on. it says ‘out of sync’ ‘go to sleep’ is it telling me to go to sleep? if it was talking about itself it should say “going to sleep” like “hey lj this isn’t working for me I’m going to sleep.”

but it says “go to sleep”. “hey you, lj.  you are looking a little ragged. get some sleep already.”

it’s good advice from a tablet. I almost always do what the tablet says. It once said:


it didnt really.

guys i’m out of drawings. once i get this tablet thing sorted out ill be back with more drawings because it was a pretty good run.

we used to know everything archive

shows everything from about last year to this year when i was using the formula:

spotify -> janelle monae on repeat -> sketchbook pro -> scribble and undo but dont close. always save -> save to /ljfiles/dropbox/public/everything -> /if file in ‘everything’ queue to tumblr -> tumblr post one file a day at 12 noon.

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